Hello 2014!

Well 2013 is behind us and the 2014 is ahead. I started out this year by adding a new monitor for the shack computer and a shelf to put it on.2014-01-01 15.47.53 HDR

The monitor is a 24″ AOC LCD/LED unit from New Egg. The 16:9 ratio really makes the N3FJP logging program really pop. As you can see I have all the HF gear on the shelf. The HW-101 and the HW-8 are project rigs. that is why they aren’t lit. They both work and still need a little work. With a little leftover holiday cash and the winnings from an office NFL pool I plan to add a Vibroplex Iambic paddle to the shack soon. One of my true goals for this year is to get back to CW proficiency.  I have played with it but it is time to get serious. If you look close there is no Mic only the Speedex straight key and The American Morse Products DCP (Dirt Cheap Paddle). Kind of hard to work SSB in this configuration. Happy new year to All!

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2 Responses to “Hello 2014!”

  1. Paul Smith Says:

    Great looking shack Ron, I sold my only mic 20 years ago and do not even have a SSB rig… Just keys, paddles and CW rigs hi hi

    de Paul N0NBD

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Mike Says:

    Very nice setup and I agree adding the right monitor sure can make a difference. All the best with the CW goal.

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