It’s Aliveeeeeee! My HW-8 Project Rig that is.

Yeah I know it’s been a while. Life has gotten so busy and work is another story! But any way I have made a decision to carve out more radio time from my busy schedule and I have a project to drive it!

The Green Machine

The Green Machine

I obtained the above the unit above from Nelson NE4LS. He responded to my email to QRP-L looking for a non-working HW-8. Also included was Mike Bryce’s “The HW-8 Handbook.” I am happy as a lark to have this baby as a project and am ready to get started! The reason I looked for an HW-8 is purely nostalgic. The first rig I ever owned was an HW-8. I think I struggled to make 1 QSO with it. I found a picture of my first station a few months ago. You can see it below. This time I will make sure I am able to make QSO’s with it. I plan to have it in a place of honor in my current shack.

1980 Ham Station

My 1980 ham station (KA8DRS).
Left IC-215 2m rig. Right HW-8.

The old gal is quite deaf. The only signal I was able to hear on any of the bands was W1AW code practice on 20m. So I know the receive works.  I investigated a little more and found that Q1 has been replaced and there is an extra lead hanging free in the air. Another 2N2222 has been installed on the bottom of the board instead of through the holes from the top. I have some question about the wiring on the TR relay. all the solder joints look good at first glance. Only time will tell the true story.

The clam shells have been painted a different green. A trip to Wally World is on the list to see how close I can get. The knobs and front panel are in excellent shape. There is a little dust on it but that will be easy. The 21 Mhz push button looks to have been attacked by a  soldering iron.

There was quite a bit of microphonics in the audio. The AF gain pot is a little scratchy, otherwise the controls all seem to work ok for the moment.

Below are some other pictures from today’s trial run. Next up will be testing the TX side.

It's Aliveeeeee!

It’s Aliveeeeee!

Impressive details of a past life!

Impressive details of a past life!



Underside installation.

Underside installation.

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One Response to “It’s Aliveeeeeee! My HW-8 Project Rig that is.”

  1. TheCol Says:

    Way to go!!! Have HW-8 & HW-7 in my arsenal. Great fun.
    73, N3EFN

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