The Antenna Gods smiled upon me today!

My HF antenna got stretched a little today. The G5RV Jr. runs from the corner of the second story roof over a Pine tree then a Mulberry tree and then another Pine tree and is tied off to a chain link fence.  The feed point is in the middle of the Mulberry tree. Or at least it was until today. When I walked through the house this afternoon I noticed a low hanging branch and out I went to investigate. Well it was more than a branch, it was about half the tree. The Mulberry tree belongs to the neighbor and it had split about 3 foot down the middle. He is going to have it taken out. That is a wonderful thing for my antenna. It was not damaged in the fall. The bungee cord I use to maintain tension stretched a bit, it was time to replace it anyway. The best part about the tree getting removed is that the feed point and vertical component will now be in the clear. In the winter the bare tree didn’t seem to affect the radiation. The leaves seemed to affect it during the summer as you would expect. So even though I wont be on HF for the next couple of weeks, my signals should be a little better when I return!

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