FDIM 2012 musings

Well as things slow down a bit around here I have been thinking about the fun at FDIM. So many good things went on.

I met up first thing with 3 local QRP fans. Ron N8VAR, Larry N8QNM, and Jim AB8YK. I sat with them thru the seminars and had lunch with their friends. They responded to my email about forming a breakfast/lunch QRP group in the Dayton Springfield area. There were others who responded so I will try to set a day soon for our post-Dayton get together. It was nice to meet other QRPers and we have other things in common too.

I have been thumbing thru the Conference Proceedings book and thinking back to the presentations.  Wow, what a great group of presentations! The range of topics was great. Though some didn’t really apply to things I do, there was lots of good info in each. It must be difficult to spread the presentations over a range that will appeal to as many operators as possible. As can be seen by the attendance going up, they are doing a good job. The room was standing room only for the whole day. The only thing is, I am coming up with questions on the presentations now weeks after the event. I will be shooting some emails out soon!

Rex shows how to ready a soldering iron tip for use

The Buildathon was a big hit as usual. Rex did a fine job of coaxing us thru the building process. I will put up a whole post on the Buildathon soon. Suffice it to say, Rex and his crew of volunteers are excellent! Below is the semi finished product. A soldering/work station for QRP builders. There is a holder for a roll of solder that I need to finish yet.

Zed admiring my handiwork

After the Buildathon was vendor night #1. What a great crowd of exhibits and browsers. I spent a lot of time drooling over some of the gear I saw. If only I had bottomless pockets! I did get to spend a few minutes with Ed WA3WSJ at his table. I have enjoyed following his exploits on the trail by email. I hope to work him soon. Maybe today as he is on the trail to Pulpit Rock, PA. for so /PM operating. I did pick up his books on disk for my NOOK. One is finished and I am about half way thru the second. I will review them when I am finished.

Ed WA3WSJ Presenting

I also me Jim K8IQY and talked a little about my upcoming 2N2-40 build. A very nice chap. The home brew competition was great this year. Who knows maybe I will enter next year. That means someone else is guaranteed to win. I picked up some building supplies and saw all the new Hendrick’s stuff. Again a top notch event.

I am already looking forward to 2013. If you have never been you really need to make plans!

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One Response to “FDIM 2012 musings”

  1. Mike VE3WDM Says:

    Looks like a great time was had by all and very nice photos as ll. I have been QRP for about 7 years now and started into it from QRO mainly as I moved into a townhouse and NO ANTENNAS ALLOWED. So it was stealth time and QRP!! It’s a great part of the hobby for sure. FDIM sounds very nice have not been but by the sounds of your post it sure is worth attending.
    Have a great weekend.

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