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Return to QRP and Building a 2N2-XX

April 19, 2012

Almost 4 months without a post. I have really gotten lazy!

Not really, life has thrown a couple of curves. Work has settled down finally but is really taking a toll physically. I am working 5AM to 430PM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week. On the surface that may look good. As I approach my 50th birthday I am finding that my body doesn’t respond to the longer hours of work like it used to.  The other 4 days I try to make up for the lost sleep and get home work and fun stuff done. Needless to say those days are full. On January 24th, my Dad passed away. (see previous post “The Family side of Ham Radio”) Lots of grief and extra activities related to that. Helping Mom with things and visiting her is a great blessing and therapy at the same time. She is as amazing as he was! There are other personal things that we wont go into. But I acknowledge that they are an energy drain. So I have decided that it’s time to kick life back into a forward gear from neutral.

While we were going thru pictures at moms I found this one!

Wow! This is my second station. It is circa 1980. Of course you see the HW-8 and the black unit Is a crystal controlled IC-215 Icom 2 meter FM portable/mobile. It was a great little rig and I used it to death until I bought my first synthesized rig an ICOM 2AT. A Radio Shack power supply and headphones, Nye Viking key ( only piece I still have of this station), ARRL Log Book, and a call area map (what is DX?) round out the station. I used the HW-8 for code practice and tried to make a few contacts but I was not ready for QRP. Finding the picture lit my QRP fire again. This time I think it’s for good. I have decided to build a QRP rig as a project to get me back into a routine of ham radio.

Brian KB9BVN had some 80m crystals and 2N2222′s for sale so I bought some. I decided to build the 2N2-40 By Jim Kortge K8IQY, since I had a bunch of transistors and Hamvention is just around the corner. I did some research on the web and found a great deal of documentation on this rig. A post to the QRP-L reflector brought a flood of responses and an offer from Curt KB5JO of parts from his unsuccessful attempts at the same radio.  Jim AL7FS sent some jpg’s of parts layouts and offered 202MB of data. Many other folks have offered info and encouragement. The group of QRP ops is a great resource of help and support/encouragement. Very little flaming takes place there. I plan to start the work on the rig after Dayton. I will be looking for parts and supplies there. It will be a slow deliberate build so it may take most of the summer to complete. I would hope to have it done in time for the Fall QRP contest season. The plan is to post frequent updates here on my construction.

Keeping in line with my project I have done a few other things. I re-joined the QRPARCI. I was a member a few years back and was impressed by the group. Of course Being 20 minutes from Fairborn, I bought my tickets for FDIM. I have been there before and it is a top notch meeting. More than a show the presentations are informative and entertaining. Seeing the handiwork of others and the newest product offerings is worth more than you can imagine. The YL has informed me that she will be paying for the Buildathon on Thursday night. I am sure I will pick up some pointers being the focus of that event is Tools and Techniques! What a great lady she is! Thanks Pam!

Lastly I am hoping to meet up with some local Dayton/Springfield QRP’ers and set up a group. Maybe for breakfast or lunch every few weeks or so. If you are interested please let me know!




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